Maths Hub is a place where young people can realise their true potential in mathematics

What is the Maths Hub?

MathsHub is a place where young people can realise their true potential in mathematics. We firmly believe that everybody can do Maths!

Since January 2018, we have been offering weekly Maths tuition for free* at OakTree Anglican Fellowship, in the heart of Acton.

The Maths Hub is led by 2 DBS-checked members of OakTree:

  • George, a qualified Maths teacher from Singapore with over 20 years’ experience and regularly volunteers in our children’s church.

  • Miriam, an Actuary who graduated from the University of Oxford in Mathematics

We welcome any students aged 8+ and cover Key Stage 2 to ‘A’ Level.

* to help ensure commitment from students, we request a £10 deposit after a trial session with us, which is refundable based on attendance.

Why do maths outside school?

Everybody can do Maths.  We know that when you’re feeling confident, it creates a virtuous cycle of learning, where success reinforces success.  We have seen lots of students started with us believing they couldn’t do maths but time and time again we have proven them (and their schools!) wrong.

The way Maths is taught in schools doesn’t suit every student.  In particular, we found that:

  • UK schools (compared to, say, Singapore or Hong Kong) tend to favour breadth over depth. Students often don’t get sufficient practice to master and consolidate basic skills.

  • Maths teaching has moved away from traditional black/white-board teaching to PowerPoint slides. As a result, students have lost the opportunity to copy step-by-step from their teachers on how to solve problems.

  • Maths exams (e.g. SATS, GCSEs) have become more difficult than before, but this is not matched by an increase in support for Maths teachers.

The University of Cambridge recently said:

  • “The UK is facing a maths crisis … four out of five adults have low functional mathematics skills”

  • “More than three-quarters of children with high maths anxiety are normal to high achievers … their anxiety may keep students away from STEM fields for life”

What do existing students/parents think?

“As a father I am extremely happy with the Maths Hub group as I can see the improvement in my children.”
— Parent
“The Maths Hub has helped me to pass my SATS and it’s free, 10/10 :)”
— Student

How to volunteer?

We are keen to recruit both volunteers and students for the next academic year! Without our wonderful tutors who kindly give up their time every week, the Maths Hub would not have been possible.

If you’re interested, please email us at: