Just Earth

Oak Tree support Just Earth, a charity working in partnership with local churches to bring spiritual, social, economic and environmental change to communities in the name of Jesus.

Just Earth has seen 57 life-changing farm schools established and several micro businesses in Western Kenya that have produced some incredible results. Harvest yields are multiplying, families are eating balanced diets, orphans are finding homes, the sick are being healed, churches and communities are thriving, and supporters are feeling positive and inspired.

Being a member of a Farmers’ Field School (FFS) is like becoming a part of a family that is committed to making a big impact – on farms and in the community.

Farmers sustainably increase yields 3-8x over long term

  • Family food from 1 meal/day or less, to 2 or more/day – 7-8 family members

  • Over 2000 farmers now trained or in training

  • 7-8 average family size, means 16,000 lives directly impacted

  • Farmers train average 4 neighbours each, meaning over 64,000 other lives also impacted

  • Co-operative food production by many graduates

  • Far greater crop variety leading to nutritious diets

  • Food given by farmers to provide for the poor – e.g. meals for orphans

  • Farmer income increased to pay living costs, develop business

  • Microfinance initiative for stimulating new businesses, very successful payback rate

  • Many orphans adopted by farmers

  • Farmers give 10% (tithe) of their harvest, greatly helping to expand the work of the Church and the Project, reaching out to the poor and needy in the community

  • Recognition of Project from Kenyan Agriculture Minister – he said Just Earth do better than them with less cost!

  • One farmer awarded best small-holding farmer of the year for Kenya

  • Now Just Earth are refining our Farmers’ Field Schools Programme, to include methods of loaning inputs which can help release farmers and communities into prosperity more effectively, and reproduce new Farmers’ Field Schools more quickly and widely.