Abolition Acton

Abolition Acton is a community group of diverse people based in Acton who want to bring freedom to modern day slaves and help end modern day slavery here in the UK and worldwide.

Our activities involve raising awareness about modern day slavery, having fun, and supporting Hope for Justice charity who rescue and restore victims of human trafficking in the UK, US and Cambodia. 

Contact us via our Facebook page or email actonabolition@gmail.com

Modern slavery is where one person controls another by exploiting a vulnerability. It is often linked with human trafficking, where a person is forced into a service against their will – usually forced work or prostitution. The control can be physical, financial or psychological.
Human trafficking is one of the most serious and barbaric crimes, profiting from human misery. Our response is a strategic one: focus on excellence, professionalism and outcomes to help victims find healing, hope and justice. Now is the time for all of us to act and end suffering.
— Neil Wain, International Programme Director, Hope for Justice