We see hope in Acton

By Mark on September 23, 2010 in News


because God sees hope in you.

Have you ever seen something and thought, who would say something like that? What do they mean?!

We see hope in Acton because we have experienced something in our lives that has overcome our disillusionment with life.

We see hope in Acton because we believe in the God who sent his son into a specific situation at a specific time.

This son did not come putting his hopes into politics or money, he planted his hope in human beings; and not just any human beings…it was the down and outs, the rough and ready, the taxman, the prostitute, the fisherman.

Our experience is that he is far better than society, far better than any substance, far greater than any addiction, not phased by any illness or death, he is Jesus.

We think that Jesus is the loudest way God could say to you and me; “I see hope in you!”

Isn’t it worth trying to meet the one whose whole life is given to you (yes you!) so you could know who made you?

Isn’t it worth trying to ask the one whose life was taken for you, what hope could I bring to the world?

As a local church in Acton we want to ask these kinds of questions.

We want to open a space where you can ask God about the hope he promises.

We see hope in Acton, because God sees hope in you.

From February 6th 2011 you can find us at

216 High Street,

Acton W3, London.

(where the banner is pinned!)

You can also find us NOW each Sunday, 4.30pm at Twyford School or

every Saturday 10-2pm at Acton Market serving free tea and coffee.