Growing Leaders Course

By Mark on June 19, 2012 in Private

We recognize as a church that the development of both current and new leaders needs to be a top priority and the ACC (Advisory Church Council) has therefore decided that we should run the CPAS Growing Leaders course from September 2012.

This is a new venture for us and our hope is that it will help make a real difference to the way we together understand Christian leadership and support those who make things happen at Oaktree. ‘Leadership’ covers a wide variety of roles and isn’t just about the high-profile ones such as vicar and church wardens – a lot of people are leaders without realising it and we want to encourage them all.

Our prayer is that running the course will enable us to:

  • To be led more by Jesus
  • To lead more like Jesus
  • To lead more to Jesus

The course involves:


There are 8 two-hour midweek evening sessions at 216 Acton High Street spread throughout the year (Oct-Dec and Feb – June) and two Friday evening to Saturday ‘days away’ which will be held at 216 Acton High Street (Sept and Feb). Each session contains elements of Bible teaching, activities, reflection and worship (and refreshments!). The emphasis is on active learning and fun. You will have access to a leadership library.


Participants get a mentor for the year. Their role is to help the participant integrate the learning in to their daily life.

Support Groups

Participants are divided into small groups for encouragement.


Participants are asked to complete a total of four short practical projects to help implement what has been learned or to prepare for a subsequent session. There are NOT heavy-duty homework assignments.

Prayer Support

Participants are encouraged to identify someone (a friend or spouse) who will specifically pray for them throughout Growing Leaders.

Speak to Katy Willis at church for any more info. All dates for the course can be found in the events calendar on this site.