ACC & Steering Group

Who holds the vision? How are decisions made?

ACC – Advisory Church Council

Our ACC are a group of members, elected every year at our annual general meeting, who meet regularly with the minister-in-charge and the church wardens to help make decisions on what we do and how we do it. This could be all sorts of stuff from financial decisions, to staffing, to when to have the next party! They are the people who represent the interests of the members in the decision making and can feedback encouragement, challenges and ideas from Oaks.

Steering Group

Our minister-in-charge, our two elected church wardens and our treasurer meet regularly to discuss the vision for OakTree and plans for the future. They aim to ‘steer’ us prayerfully onto what God has in store for us. They bring their discussions to ACC who weigh them up and prayerfully discuss them some more before decisions are made.

See the events page for dates of when the ACC and Steering Group meet.