Young people are not only the church of tomorrow but they are also the church of today.

Sunday Service 4:30-6pm

Every week with Youth:

On Sundays, after some time worshipping with the whole church family, our young people meet separately for more worship and teaching in a style best suited to their age. The aim is to awaken in them a living faith so that they don’t just learn about God but also experience Him. They are encouraged to discover and develop how God has gifted them and to use these spiritual gifts to help build up the church.

Older youth have a slightly different program. Once a month, they stay in the service with the rest of the church to help transition them to adult worship and community. Once a month, they go out to a coffee shop with a leader to have a separate session from the younger youth. The other weeks, they are together with the younger youth. This allows both groups to flourish both with age appropriate sessions and to build relationships together.

Younger Youth age range is: 11 – 14

Older Youth age range is: 15 – 17

Shared responsibilities

We encourage the Youth to engage in the wider church and to serve where they can:

We also want them to be an active part of the group and so in recent months we have made snacks their responsibility and we get some of the older ones helping in the planning and leading of sessions.


Hangouts are a great part of our Youth ministry. Every month we have  an extended session where we..well..where we hangout.

At  least two or more youth leaders stay to have fun with the guys.

Here’s a list of the kind of stuff we get up to:

  • PIZZA!
  • Wii & Xbox Games
  • Pool & Table Tennis
  • Youtube & Music (Supervised)
  • Out-door games on hot days
  • Lots of chats
  • Good times