The Maseno Project

“The experience and project are summed up for me in one word: Hope.”

The Maseno Project was set up six years ago after members of a North London church visited the Maseno District of Kenya. During their visit they noticed that the area comprised of hundreds of tiny plots of land, that poor farming methods were being used, that crops were sparse and so people had little to eat and that many of the men who would traditionally have worked the land had left to work in local towns. Migration to the towns meant that families were separated.

The team from North London felt that God was telling them to start Farm Schools to transform the lives of people in this area of Kenya by teaching effective farming techniques and by sharing the life changing love and power of God that all can enjoy. The Project is all about the Kingdom of God breaking through into the World.

Oaktree and Maseno…

As a church we feel it is biblical and right to give away some of our money to bless others, no strings attached. The money Oak Tree donates to the Maseno Project comes from the giving of its congregation.

Oak Tree has a Giving Committee who determines where our charitable donations go according to agreed criteria. Maseno meets these criteria as it is a holistic project addressing material and spiritual needs. It fits Jesus’ principles.  He did not separate problems in to sections (spiritual, physical or emotional) but instead he addressed the whole situation.

We have 3 main areas of giving : a local organisation, a national organisation and an international organisation.  The Maseno Project is our International Organisation.

The project itself…

There are currently seventeen Farm Schools under the umbrella of the Maseno Project.

Farm Schools last for three years and are made up of about thirty five Farm School members who are chosen from the local church community.

Members meet on a weekly basis and are taught effective farming techniques and given Christian instruction by  Kenyan facilitators who are members of the community. Technical advice is given by Doctor Appollo, a local Kenyan agriculturalist, who also happens to be a world expert.

Day to day, the Project is overseen by two Kenyans, Festus and Noel.

Each farm school has a demonstration plot where members try out different crops and methods.  The members of the farm school work together on the demonstration plot.

Different crops are then transplanted to their home plots where they can see what works best on their land.

After 3 years Farm Schools are encouraged to form a Community Based Organisation that uses their combined selling power to take their excess crops to market and generate income for their families.

Check the Maseno website for latest news!