“They pray as if it all depends on God and live as if it all depends on them.” Pete Greig – The Vision

If you would like prayer for any reason – please feel free to fill out the form.

We have an email chain that gets sent out to all our members. These messages are checked by one of our members and then sent on and filtered where appropriate.

People commonly pray for:

  • healing of illness
  • provision of jobs
  • guidance in difficult situations in family/work life
  • wisdom for friends/colleagues who have shown an interest in becoming Christians

Emails are checked daily so it will be added within 24 hours.

It’s quite common for people to follow up on their prayer requests sp that everyone knows what’s going on. Hearing back on what’s been happening can be a really great way to encourage others and to build faith.

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE – This is a public Prayer Chain within OakTree. If you have a private matter you want kept confidential then this might not be the right place. Why not get in touch through the contact page instead.

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