Welcome to OakTree!

From all our members

We love it when people come and join us at OakTree. We want to be a place that is accessible to anyone from anywhere whether they are a Christian, want to explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus, need prayer no strings attached or simply want a free cup of coffee!

Here are a couple of tips to finding out about Oak Tree Anglican Fellowship:

1. Come on a Sunday at 4.30pm…

Our main gathering in 216 Acton High Street at 4:30pm every Sunday. Arrive and grab a coffee and a free welcome bag full of goodies and sit down to enjoy worship led by the OakTree band, join us to pray for our wider community and each other and get some teaching from the Bible. Then by 6ish the coffee bar reopens for free tea or coffee and some good cakes! For more info check out the Sunday meetings area of the website.

2. Browse the website…

This site is designed to give you places to find out about everything that Oaktree is doing each week. Have a good root through the different bits of the site, have a look at ALPHA or at HUBS… aren’t you intrigued about our links with KENYA or how OAKTREE was started? Go on have a good look at who we are and know we’d love you to get involved in who we are…

Check out the FAQ’s below:

Can I get married at OakTree?

OakTree is a Non-Parochial church meaning we don’t have a geographical parish and that by law we do not have the right or license to perform wedding ceremonies. However our venue makes for a brilliant reception room and we have had several wedding receptions.

Contact the office for more info.

Does your church have people from various ethnic groups?

One of the things we love is the cultural diversity found in Acton and in our congregation. Our members range from places all over the world from Ireland to Ivory Coast, America to New Zealand. We’d hope you’d find a warm welcome and a spiritual home here whatever your nationality.

How big is OakTree?

Well, it depends on how you count. On a usual Sunday we will have about 100 people attending our main service. If you count all the people that regularly attend OakTree, we would be over 150 people.

Is it okay to bring children?

Yes, all ages are welcome! We hope that families who make Oaktree their spiritual home will come to appreciate the value of their children developing close friendships with their peers in the context of the local church. We also wish to make sure this can happen in a safe and secure space. We provide different programmes tailored for different age groups. We have a

Do I have to be a Christian to come?

Nope! Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome to come and join us.