Ealing Foodbank – Acton Hub

We’re proud to host the Acton hub of the Ealing foodbank.

For more information check out the Ealing Food Bank website.

The Acton Foodbank hub is open on Fridays between 2pm – 4pm. Please check the calendar for exceptions.

Foodbank clients need to bring a voucher with them in order to receive a handout. To ensure the fairness and sustainability of the system, there is a limit of 3 vouchers per client/family, which means the Foodbank will be able to help for 3 weeks only. These vouchers are issued by some of the following authorities, who normally work closely with the families in need:

  • GP’s
  • Social Workers
  • Job Centre Plus
  • Christians Against Poverty

The amount of food items given in the handouts is worked out according to the household by the Foodbank volunteers in a short interview, as the clients arrive.