21 Days of Gratitude – Day 7

By Mark on October 20, 2010 in News

Today Oak Tree is thankful for:

The people we’ve met through market church.

You can join in with us on Facebook or in the forum on the website by telling us:

What are You thankful for?

Here we are on day 7 of our 21Days of Gratitude

Thankfulness is one of the most basic things in our relationship with God. Gratitude is a driving force in our worship. It helps us remember that without his generosity, we would have nothing. No planet to live on, no breath in our lungs…no lungs at all for that matter!

In Genesis 8, Noah and his family get out of the ark and the first thing they do in gratitude for all that God has done to save them, is build an altar and make an offering to God. Then they hear God speak his promise of the covenant between him and ‘all life on the earth’ (Genesis 9: 8-17)

When we are thankful, it helps us come into the presence of God and hear him more clearly.

As we are thankful to God today, may we hear his voice more clearly.

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