21 Days of Gratitude – Day 15

By Mark on November 2, 2010 in News

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Here we are on day 15 of our 21Days of Gratitude

One of my favourite stories of choosing to be thankful is from Corrie Ten Boom‘s book ‘The Hiding Place

Corrie and her family were imprisoned by the Nazis for giving shelter to Jews in their home in Holland.

In Ravensbruck – they were moved to a barracks that was built for 400 and housed 1400 – it stank and was infested with fleas. Corrie writes that she said to her sister:

‘Betsie how can we live in such a place?’

Betsie said ‘ show us, show us how.’

“‘”Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus.” That’s it, Corrie! That’s His answer. “Give thanks in all circumstances!” That’s what we can do. We can start right now to thank God for every single thing about this new barracks!’

“I stared at her; then around me at the dark, foul-aired room…”

They thanked God that were still assigned together, that they had managed to hide and keep a copy of the bible, that they were packed in the barracks so that many more would hear about Jesus and they famously thanked God for the fleas!

“The fleas! This was too much. ‘Betsie, there’s no way even God can make me grateful for a flea.’

“‘”Give thanks in all circumstances,”‘ she quoted. ‘It doesn’t say, “in pleasant circumstances.”  Fleas are part of this place where God has put us.’

“And so we stood between tiers of bunks and gave thanks for fleas. But this time I was sure Betsie was wrong.”

Fleas which later turned out to be the reason the guards never came in their barracks which meant they were able to have Christian services and bible readings with the other prisoners without getting caught!

Sometimes God’s blessings to us are hard to see…… but we know that God works in all things for the good of those that love him. When you feel all you can see are ‘fleas’, ask God to help you be thankful anyway…

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